Dear Mr. Wells

“…there is one and only one place educators should look…at their students sitting directly in front of them. Those kids know that good teachers play an integral role in their success and happiness.”

Dear Mr. Wells, is the saga of a lucky teacher, in which his students help capture the life changing role effective educators play. Not only do teachers provide positive mentors, but also establish meaningful relationships from which their students grow. Despite the meager pay, educators have the most important job of them all, and the reward is significant: the knowledge that they made a difference. In Tom Wells’s first book, his students say it best; they are the true teachers.

A group of Mr. Wells’s advisees formed a group called “# Wells Nation.” In the picture above, they pose for the camera, forming the letter “W” with their hands. They were a tight group, one that, despite their different backgrounds, were brought together and became a family.